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2018 Seattle Elite Fall Baseball

Seattle Elite Baseball will be running fall baseball leagues in 2018! These leagues are meant to be developmental, giving players and teams a chance to extend their seasons into the fall, with a focus on individual skill development. 

The league will play on Saturdays, with doubleheaders for each team set to start September 8th and run through October 13th (six Saturdays = 12 scheduled games). Seattle Elite Baseball will reserve the fields and schedule umpires for all doubleheaders. Fields will be reserved in the North end, Seattle area and South end in an attempt to keep travel to a minimum for the participating teams. Scores will be kept - however there will be no standings or postseason, with the goal being more geared towards individual player improvement than team success.

More details and pricing can be found in the Seattle Elite Fall Ball flyer.

Divisions of Play

High School - Gold Division
This division is meant for teams with potential Varsity level players in the 2019 high school season. Seniors, juniors and strong sophomores in high school would be a good fit for this division of play. Both high school based teams and club teams are eligible for this division.

High School - Silver Division
This division is geared towards teams with JV & C team level players in the 2019 high school season. Best for players that are incoming freshman and sophomores, as well as 8th graders that are league age 14 in 2019. Both high school based teams and club teams are eligible for this division.

13U Division
This age group will have its own division, as these players are making the jump to the 80'/54' diamond. Teams with players that will play at the 13U age group are encouraged to play in this division (14U players still needing time to develop as well as strong 12U players would also be eligible).



Gold Division
Exploswing NW
Liberty Baseball Association
Merchants Gold
Miners Baseball Club
Northshore Sports Complex
NPA Navy
NW Elite 18U Black
Rippers Baseball
Seattle Sluggers
Washington Select Varsity
Silver Division
Boys of Summer
FCA Black
Highline Pirates
Laces Baseball Academy
Lakewood Bombers
Lake Washington
Merchants Silver
Miners Baseball Club
Northshore Sports Complex
Northwest Bandits
Northwest Naturals
NW Elite Jr. Scout
PAL High School
Rippers Snyder
Rippers Voelkel
13U Division
Interbay Baseball
Northwest Bandits
Northwest Naturals
Rippers Baseball
Seattle Rawlings Tigers