GSL is now running events in central washington… and eastern oregon.

In 2023 we will be returning to the charming town of Ellensburg, WA – home to the wonderful Rotary Park 8-field complex as well as 2 more fields at Central Washington University. Ellensburg is located in the center of the state and is well within a 2-hour drive from all of Washington, which enables us to host tournaments with a wide variety of teams. Ellensburg takes great pride in their community, so this this has been a great fit for what we offer.

Our efforts in Central Washington have now opened up other opportunities as well… so this year look for additional events in Ontario, OR and Treasure Valley Community College in Eastern Oregon, along the Idaho border.

For more information about our tournaments in Central Washington and Eastern Oregon, contact Dustin Minga at (253) 209-1784 for youth events, and Arlo Evasick at arloe@gsltournaments.com for high school events.


April 8Bullpen Series Season Opener
9u-13uBPF 1.152Rotary Park, Ellensburg$250-350Click Here
April 22-23Pink Out Ellensburg
9u-14uBPF 1.153Rotary Park, Ellensburg$565-675Click Here
May 6-7Bullpen Series Spring Championships
9u-14uBPF 1.153Rotary Park, Ellensburg$565-675Click Here
May 20-21Bullpen Baum Bat Tournament9u-16uWood3Rotary Park, Ellensburg$565-775Click Here
June 2-4CWU Session #1
15u & 16uWood4CWU and Rotary Park
$1000Click Here
June 9-11Treasure Valley Summer Kickoff
15u & 18uMetal4TVCC, Ontario High & Fruitland High
$1000Click Here
June 9-11CWU Session #2
18uMetal4CWU and Rotary Park
$1000Click Here
June 10-11Bullpen Series Rodeo City Classic
9u-14uBPF 1.153Rotary Park, Ellensburg$565-675Click Here
June 16-18Treasure Valley Father's Day Classic
15u, 16u & 18uWood415-16u Ontario, 18u Boise
$1000Click Here
June 16-18CWU Session #3
18uWood4CWU and Rotary Park
$1000Click Here
June 22-25Treasure Valley Chukars Classic
15u, 16u & 18uMetal4TVCC, Ontario High & Fruitland High
$1000Click Here
June 23-25Central WA State Championships
9u-18uBPF 1.15/Metal
4Ellensburg and Yakima
$675-1000Click Here
July 7-9Bullpen Series Clash of Kittitas
9u-18uBPF 1.15/Metal3 (4HS)Ellensburg and Yakima
$565-1000Click Here
July 22-23Bullpen Series Season Finale - Youth
9u-14uBPF 1.154Ellensburg and Yakima
$665-765Click Here
July 27-30Bullpen Series Season Finale - High School15u, 16u & 18uMetal4Ellensburg and Yakima$1000Click Here


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