Teams are ranked based on results within all Premier Sports Tournaments providers. Currently this includes GSL Tournaments, WCP Tournaments and Seattle Elite Baseball. Rankings will be used to establish more equitable pool play, to maintain integrity within the AAA and Majors divisions, and to seed special events. GSL Tournaments hosts a Spring League of Champions where the top 8-point earners from each division compete in a free, single-elimination bracket on Easter Saturday. Points will be used to seed out the State Championship double elimination brackets for GSL and WCP and the top 4 overall point earners will be rewarded a bid to the Tournament of Champions in July. This is a double-elimination event reserved for 8 tournament winners and the top 4 point-earners within each division.

All indoor events are considered “Spring Training” games and will not count towards points.

In order to maintain the integrity of each division PST reserves the right to adjust a team’s division at any time. However, we will primarily rely on results in order to do so. Teams will be evaluated every 8 games played and if they have a .750 winning percentage and an average run differential of +5.5 or more, they will slide up to Majors. A team who goes undefeated in their first AAA event and averages over +8 run differential will likely be moved up immediately as well.


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